Maggy Champsaur

The renowned ceramist, colorist, visual artist and designer hailing from Marseille, has not had the wind taken out of her sails, and her gaze is still set upon the horizon.  She has redecorated your bathroom with fresh strokes in her Villeroy & Boch ceramics collection, designed accessories, linens, and crystal-glass works, and has developed new concepts and production techniques.

Today, she is making a comeback, driven by an energy that has remained pure. Over the years, Maggy has seen the trend of concrete and other new materials being used along the Mediterranean coast, but the South is multi-faceted, and many treasures and stellar collections can be found a stone’s throw away from the Vieux Port…  all it takes is as little as pushing of her door to enter her world. CARO GUIOL

Carreaux_14        carreaux_10

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28 bis Rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine 13007 MARSEILLE (sur rendez-vous)

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